Free Journalists Association

is an international Austria-based professional solidarity association formed by gathered journalists reside abroad Turkey. The establishment of the association as a “Free Journalists Association”, was completed by a group of journalists who have gathered as a platform in 2016.

Its Vision

is to be the organizator itself or the supporter of all activities devoted to developing solidarity and professional improvement between media employees on international scale.

Its Mission

•             is trying to provide benefit and awareness for the improvements in the media field for all media associates, especially for its members

•             is to enhance the info-sharing and cooperation among media associates

•             is to prepare and report researches and analyses over the media sector.

•             is to defend free press and to engage activity to make it widespread

•             is to carry out supportive projects for media employees mistreated while practising their profession.

•             is to organize educational activities aimed at developing professional specializations or for media field candidates.

•              is working to provide financial support to people or institutions, or projects operating in the media sector with its own funds or external sources.

•             is to contribute to the installment of media ethics is to be up against reliance-breaking behaviors to the profession such as manipulation and disinformation

•             is to ensure introduction and dialog engagement of employees from different media groups

•             is to carry out all of its activities globally in the manner of including the media associates all around the country and the world without minding faith, language and race diversity

•             is to be organized and be open to the cooperations with international media institutions, when needed, oriented to its global aim.

Organizational Representatives


Dogan Ertugrul 

Deputy Chairman

Zafer Yılmaz

Founding Members 

Selehattin sevi ,Bilal Baltacı,Selim Simsiroglu


Rotenturm strasse 1-3 , 1010  Vienna / Austria


+43 681 818 93 877




IBAN : AT64 2011 1829 4964 6400